Sean Chitwood

Software Tester Extraordinaire and End to End Test Lead

4750 Magnolia St
Port Townsend, WA
(206) 651-4360

Summary of Qualifications

Operating Systems: Windows 95- Win8, Windows NT Server - Windows 2012 Server, Mac OS X, 4 Years Linux

Languages: C#, Visual Basic, C/C++, SQL, HTML, Java, JavaScript (Node.js and JQuery), XML (XSLT/SOAP)

Tools: Git, Capistrano, Visual Studio Team System, IntelliJ

Design Patterns: REST Services, Service Oriented Architechture (SOA), Model View Controller (MVC)

Skills: Software Testing including Functional, Performance and Scalability of distributed systems, Software Design review, Testing in an Agile Development Environment, Cloud based design, Relational database development



Seattle, WA

Senior Software Design Engineer in Test

Lead the effort to migrate Relevance from a fixed number of clusters on premesis to a scalable, self healing and fault tolerant installation on a Kubernetes platform in AWS. Personally responsible for initial design, data pipeline and support tools. I addition I continue to smooth the build pipeline in preperation for a push toward Continuous Deployment.

As the tester for the Relevance Algorithms team, I am responsible for updating and stabilizing the build and deployment systems. The team is now deploying on a weekly basis and is capable of deploying on a daily basis. In addition I am automating the test infrastructure, continuous deployment and performance testing and evaluation of the output from the ranking system.

As the senior tester on the Getaways Team, my responsibilities were to design and lead the efforts to build the test infrastructure for the Getaways team. Projects included designing a business process oriented dashboard for team directors and above, leading an effort to standardize testing infrastructure across four silos of work and use Linux containers to enable six to ten projects to proceed on independent timelines without impacting each other using only two pre-production environments.

I interviewed and built up a highly capable test team while learning the travel industry. Pushed for and got test involved in story creation, providing help with both design feedback and acceptance criteria. Built efficient Continuous Integration environments using Linux Containers and Docker. Oversaw and reported on testing of backend services while responsible for new services. Created tools for self-service performance tests used across all of Groupon, trained Getaways testers to read performance graphs and identify potential issues and recommended solutions.



Redmond, WA

Software Design Engineer in Test

My responsibilities included implementing Continuous Integration testing for the rendering platform services including cache invalidation and dynamic image resizing while testing performance and scalability of these services.

In the past my responsibilities have included creating tools and procedures to monitor the availability and reliability of; testing the functionality and scalability of the MSN publishing platform in the production environment; developing the UI for a self service performance testing portal. I created a data ingestion tool to process 400 MB/hour web server log files into a SQL data warehouse for analysis of traffic patterns to determine changes in behavior. I also worked closely with the Mobile live-site team to show them the impact their code was having on shared resources, helping them meet their own performance commitments.

Longtop Intl.
(at Microsoft)


Redmond, WA

Software Design Engineer in Test

Performed functional and performance testing against specifically in the areas of imagery delivery, and query parsing and logging/aggregation of transactions from partner sites. Automation duties included extending two existing testing frameworks (one functional and one performance-related) and implementing a multi-threaded design in testing support tools. Analyzed and reported on performance test results in a wide variety of simulations including load, stress and endurance conditions. Participated in a production deployment of a major web application, giving final sign-off for the components I was responsible for.



Redmond, WA

Software Design Engineer in Test

Functional software testing owning up to 5 legacy components of Systems Management Server (SCCM) and testing a Windows Mobile version of the client software. Developed testing tools and automation to emulate a webserver allowing for non-compliant HTTP responses on Windows Mobile Devices. Evaluated and contributed to developer and functional specs for one major release and several service pack releases

(at Microsoft)


Redmond, WA

Software Test Engineer

Software testing for Windows XP Client and Systems Management Server, focusing primarily on networking services. Writing and maintaining testing tools in C. Aiding in test plan development and reporting.

Shannon and Wilson, Inc.


Seattle, WA

Database Developer: Designed a web based expense reporting/ approval system using Visual Basic DCOM Objects and n-tiered principals. Implement a secured file browsing website for communication with clients. Design and maintain the corporate website. Design and Implementation of a robust geotechnical database application with sample tracking and auditing functionality. Create a utility to improve accuracy of design predictions. Design several data import/export utilities. Use ODBC to interface with a Sybase SQL server and present the data in a graphical format.